About Uni - Arch

“UNI-ARCH” Ltd. was registered in 1990 with main activity –architectural and building planning in the whole spectrum of architectural practice, and namely – urban planning, design and reconstruction of public, residential and industrial buildings, sports facilities and interior design.

On the top of the company structure are Arch. Radka Evtimova and Arch. Svetlin Dimitrov, who are the partner-owners and the leading architects. The rest of the team consists of architects at different age having different experience. We are the first Bulgarian company in the design area certificated under ISO 9001 by Lloyd’s.

During the designing process we are trying to find a balance between function and aesthetic, between quality and cost, considering the specific of the task and investor’s preferences.

In terms of fulfilling the designing and constructing process as a whole we are working in cooperation with a variety of collaborators – civil engineers, electric engineers, plumbing and sewerage engineers, air-conditioning and ventilation specialists, a geodesist , etc.

In such way the planning is completely realized in each specialty:
• Architecture design;
• Construction;
• Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning installations;
• Thermotechnical effectiveness;
• Electrical installation;
• Water supply , plumbing and sewerage installations;
• Technology;
• Landscape design;
• Organization and performance of the building process.

The company is also offering consultancy services in
architectural and building issues, supervision
and intellectual property control and ensures the obtaining
municipal and state permits for our projects.