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Colours present in our environment all the time – they are part of nature, fashion, of each object that we use in our everyday life, they are in home, in the office or on the street. Without being aware of it we are constantly influenced by them at least in both ways: aesthetically – the way we percept things and emotionally – they could create certain mood and conduct to a particular state of mind.

In architecture and design colour is very important expressive instrument. Colours and forms are sculptors of the space. Colour could change the way that a room is being percepted.

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If you have a large balcony or flat roof with a large area unusable, do not hesitate make your garden! In big city areas are always limited, and a green area is an oasis amongst the concrete and glass. Roof gardens can be made not only of buildings but also hotels, hospitals, underground and surface parking. The advantages of these gardens are many: better sound insulation and helps to better energy efficiency. Improves the microclimate in the city, lowering temperatures in the summer, increasing humidity and all good things.

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