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Resort Village “Downtown” in Bansko

Hotel Planning & Design

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The project “Resort  Village “Downtown” in Bansko includes hotel building, Cultural and Information Centre, Sports and SPA center and apartment buildings.

The basic principles laid down in urban composition are as follows:

• maximum compliance with the nature of the area - mountain view, view to  river "Glazne", friendly exhibitions and approaches to land;

• positioning of the hotel building and multi functional cultural and sport center in the northeastern part of the area with regard to easy pedestrian and vehicle approach and releasing  the rest for residential development;

• positioning the building, so as to provide good exposure with panoramic views of almost all homes in the hotel and the apartment buildings.

Volume-space solution of the complex is following northeast-southwest axis which defines the orientation to the mountain view.

             The hotel building is a central element in the ensemble. It is located at the intersection of major and minor axes of the composition. With its horseshoe shape, it sets the framework for the entire complex. The "horseshoe" is slightly asymmetrical, with shorter south side, making it more open to the south and highlights the preferred orientation peak "Todorka”.

North of the hotel building is the Cultural information, Sport and SPA center. They are separated from the hotel but at the same time are very close and convenient for use by the guests.
            Deployment of cultural information, sport and SPA center in the northern part of the terrain makes it a convenient access for visitors from the city by car and foot. This is supposed to happen through a new planned pedestrian link across the river at this point.

The noisiest activities are concentrated in this zone. The rest of the territory is for residential function and park.

The hotel building serves as a barrier between the two areas.

Southwestern half of the land is devoted to the construction of apartment buildings. The buildings are located along the boundaries of the pitch in two ranges. Buildings on the northwestern border are higher, and those on the south are one floor lower. This helps to open the spatial composition of pleasant sights and exposures. Transport services for residential buildings are from a local street on the southwest.

            The main approach is from the East. Small square in front-entry is planned, enough to organize an approach road to the hotel with stopping place under the visor of the  main entrance, an approach  to the underground parking and an approach to the multi functional center and restaurant.

        Transport service of apartment hotel building is by an alley with a hard surface for vehicle traffic. It has two exits - to the main panoramic street along the river "Glazne" and to local street to the southwest.