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Projects for office buildings of our contemporary architects have modern design and comply with all applicable laws and regulations and are consistent with recent trends in materials, energy efficiency and economy of the buildings.

Architecture design, Office building in Sofia

Architectural project - office building

“UNI – ARCH” - architectural and building planning.

As a result of variant architectural design, held an internal competition for the architectural studio "Uni-ARCH" is chosen design solution in the spirit of contemporary architecture.
Volume is dominated by simple geometric forms with mild dominance of the horizontal member. The colours of the exterior shades is almost achromatic.

The approach to the building for pedestrians and cars, is from southeast from the street. At ground level are provided 14 parking places and at underground level - 17 parking places and two garages. The whole area except the built up area, roads and pavement is scheduled for planting. The building has a basement, a ground floor, two above-ground floors and two top floors.

Gross area – 1972,56 m2

Logistic center architecture design

Architecture design - logistic center

“UNI – ARCH” - architectural and building planning.

Logistic center in Scientific and Industrial zone “Iskar-iug” in Sofia, gross area 7980 m2, preliminary design

Residential building and offices

Architectural project - residential building & offices

“UNI – ARCH” - architectural and building planning.

Residential building and offices at bul. ”Bulgaria”, Sofia , preliminary design